The only100% Greek ice tea.

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Three delicious flavors that will thrill your pallet!

The Green Element infuses your body with the healthy ingredients of the

Mountain tea, small rose, sage, verbena, orange, honey and the lemon, enriching your physical health.

Health Benefits: Improves Digestive, skin protector & improver, Rich in Vit.C

Green Element

The Red Element tickles the senses with the carob, petimize, honey, strawberry, aronia, crataegus, pomegranade, lemon, mint, sweetening every moment

of your day.

Health Benefits: High Energy Levels |Rich in Antioxidants | Boost immune system | Vit. A, C & B

Red Element

The Yellow Element entertains the palate with Helichrysum, thyme, lemon grass, tile, honey and the lemon from the Hellenic Land, delivering a true experience of the yellow Mediterranean sun.

Health Benefits: antiinflammatory | antibacterial, improves hydration, promotes tranquility & calmness

Yellow Element


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